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Since 2000

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2005 Squirt
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2005 Minor Midgets - Semi Finalists

Texoma Champions
2001 Peewee AA
2001 Bantam AA
2003 Bantam AA
2003 Minor Midget AA
2003 Major Midget AA

Rocky Mountain District Champions
2002 Major Midget AA
2003 Bantam AA
2003 Minor Midget AA
2003 Major Midget AA

Rocky Mountain District Host
2002 Peewee AA - 2002 Bantam AA - 2002 Midget AA
2004 Minor Midget AAA
USA Hockey National Championship Host
2004 Major Midget AA

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Dallas Storm Hockey Assn.  2000-2005
"Bear's" Look Back At Five Seasons

In the spring of 2000, I received a press release at work to forward on to the Metroplex newspapers concerning a joint venture between the Dallas Junior Stars and the Dallas Junior Hockey Association.  It was a creation of the Dallas Storm; the idea being that this AA hockey organization would attract and develop the best of the Dallas/Fort Worth area's hockey talent.   And attract the best players, it did.

In the first couple years, DJHA provided strong leadership and assistance to the new organization including Bill Lyday, Charlie Appler, Bruce Marrett, and Rick Turner.  The dedication of these people and others established, within a very short time, a reputation for the Dallas Storm for competitiveness as well as integrity among the hockey community not only here in Texas, but within the US and Canada, as well.

After the difficult season of 2003-2004, the Storm having become 'independent' with the loss of direct affiliation with it's founding associations, it certainly was welcome that DJHA stepped forward to ensure the continuation of this noble, but broken, hockey franchise.  Bill Nutt, Scott McDowell, and Dan Shakesby took up the thankless task of rebuilding the association almost from scratch in order to provide to some of the top notch players in our area the experience of competitive AAA hockey.

Looking forward to the 2005-2006 season, it has been decided that the Dallas Storm hockey operations, including a new Major Midget AAA team, would be fully integrated into DJHA.  Thus all teams up to and including AAA level will be playing under the DJHA banner.

As the 2004-2005 season winds down, I would like to take a moment and give heartfelt thanks to all who have made the last five years the absolute best for me.

TO THE ASSOCIATION.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have been with the Dallas Storm since day one.  The Storm provided me with the necessary resources to be able to carry out my duties and pretty much gave me a free hand to develop that unique 'job description' of mine.  Although there was really no 'official' title, the job included filling water bottles, making Gatorade (when I had it), bringing snacks AND the ubiquitous bubblegum, fixing equipment, taping sticks, bandaging up injuries, listening to problems, giving advice, and just being there when needed.  Even during the worst of times, it was still good to be doing something positive for the kids.

TO THE PARENTS.  I am especially thankful to all the Dallas Storm parents who have shown nothing but kindness to me over the years; especially when I was in the hospital a couple years ago with my big surgery.  A special thank you has to go out to Mary Bethune who sent over, via Jean-Philippe, a small but very well timed 'care package' of cookies and some other staple items during a time it was not easy for me to take care of myself while recuperating.

TO THE COACHES.  I wish to thank all of the Dallas Storm coaching staff especially those with whom I served the most and the closest; past coaches Bruce Marrett, Greg Gerhard, Boots Williams, David Horn, and current coach Rick Desjardins.  I am truly honored to have been a full partner in all team activities.  They never looked down upon me as 'just a water boy'.  I felt that the respect was strong and mutual.

TO THE PLAYERS.  I would like to thank the players that I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know over the years.  From the very first season, I had been made to feel like I was truly a part of the team.  The boys accepted me as mentor, 'big brother', friend, and on occasion, confidant.  There have been quite a few players who have gone on to bigger and better things from prep schools (like Shattuck) to Junior Hockey (like the Texas Tornado).  I would like to think that, somehow, I made a difference and as our boys get older, they will think back on our shared experience and they will help out the next generations of hockey. 

LOOKING FORWARD. It is said that as one door closes, another one opens.  Perhaps I will have the opportunity to continue in my same capacity next year but instead of a Storm logo on my jacket, it will be a Penguin. I should like to think so!

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